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Corporate and Community Relations   [1]   [2]   [3]

Creating and implementing a diversity strategy for building effective community partnerships is as important as building superior internal business strategies.
The ever changing multi-cultural demographics in our society, necessitate an enlightened business plan that includes a coordinated effort to identify, build
and sustain strategic diverse partnerships in your local community.

Facilitation of strategic partnerships between corporate
and community organizations and leaders.

We work with our corporate clients to assess their needs in diversity and
community outreach. We are willing do the necessary "leg work" to identify
appropriate strategic community partners that best reflect our client's
strategic interests and needs.
We conduct relationship-building meetings with our corporate clients and
community leaders respectively, to ensure that there is mutual interest
and to craft an agenda for the initial meeting.
We facilitate the initial and consecutive meeting(s) to ensure forward
progress in accomplishing mutually established goals.