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The 21st Century Manager

Today's managers face rapidly changing conditions--flatter organizations, virtual teams, doing more with less, temporary structures, employees with different values and life-work style preferences. How effective these managers manage spells the difference between the profitable and the also ran organizations. Are you or your managers making the adjustment and transition to this new role, these new demands, or are you stuck in the past?

This workshop is designed to engage managers in an interactive discussion
of ten important skills for the manager
in the 21st century.

These ten skill areas are:

1. Diversity and inclusion
2. Help others succeed
3. Courage
4. Leadership
5. Relationship builder
6. Principled
7. Team builder
8. Change agent
9. Eager learner
10. Value others

Building Strategic Employee Networks
- Another Dimension of Diversity

Employee Network Groups can be a supporter of diversity initiatives, bring insight to strategies and goals, and serve as a resource to the corporation and its employees. The groups are self-initiated, voluntary, corporate-wide, and inclusive.

This workshop is designed to engage attendees in some of the best in class strategies for starting, growing and maintaining an effective network.

Some of the areas that employee networks add value are:

1. Diversity Strategy
2. Employee Links
3. Recruitment
4. Personal Growth
5. Professional Development
6. Strengthen Corporate Citizenship
7. New Market Opportunities
8. Community Liaison