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Howard Inman is a man of high integrity and strong commitment. I have known Howard for nine years and I can attest to his unyielding commitment to diversity and equality for all people. During my time at Merck as the Director of Corporate Organization Development, I had the opportunity to work with Howard on the Merck Employee Development Day Conference. Conducted on a Saturday, the attendance ranged close to 200 employees, representing the Hispanic Network, Black Employee Network, Asian Network, Women's Network and the Gay and Lesbian Network. The educational components provided resources that benefited attendees beyond the corporate corridors. Building bridges across all levels of the organization, senior leaders sought Howard's input as they knew he was concerned about the success of Merck.

The success of this conference was so overwhelming that employees requested that this conference become an annual event. One process that he led was the Organizational Fitness Profile (OFP), which linked strategic planning with cultural assessment. Howard was instrumental in implementing this strategy which engaged the hearts and minds of employees, and identified quantifiable results. This cutting edge technology enabled Merck to identify and address many diversity issues that plague Fortune 500 Companies.

In addition to this evidence of Howard's capability at building strong platforms for diversity, he has also been very successful in developing effective community outreach programs, an area where he certainly excels. Howard was actively involved in the anti-apartheid movement that ultimately freed Nelson Mandela. He has been involved with the NAACP and is someone who is sought out when there are difficulties within the communities in which he is engaged.

Howard Inman…a man of integrity. What you see is what you get, honesty, sincerity, commitment and results. His life is a testimony to his commitment to help all people achieve their fullest potential and contribute to the good of the communities in which they live.

Jay Morris, PhD, JD
Vice President
Organization Development & Talent Management
Trinity Health