Inman and Associates

Facilitating Strategic

Partnerships -

Diversity, Corporate,

and Community.

Inman and Associates is a diversity consulting company that has considerable experience in the creation and delivery of diversity and inclusion initiatives. We bring over 20 years of relevant diversity experience in areas of inclusion and collaboration of community and corporate partnerships. We are very effective in facilitating strategic partnerships between corporations and community organizations and their leaders.

Our company was created to fill a well defined need in the corporate marketplace: facilitation of strategic partnerships between corporate and community organizations and their stakeholders to accomplish mutually beneficial diversity goals. We operate with the highest degree of integrity; truth and transparency are our guiding philosophy.

Diversity is more than race and gender - It is all the things that make us unique. It is this difference that, when valued, will ensure the success of 21st Century corporations and community organizations.

We offer organizational assessments, strategic planning workshops, seminars and keynote speaking engagements.

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