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Client Profile

Passionate about diversity with a proven track record for building strategic partnerships with community organizations. Assist in executing the company's existing strategic diversity objectives and community relationships.
Committed to the idea of diversity and developing strategic partnerships, but have not found the right partners to get it done. Help create and execute diversity seminars, training, and initiatives to support the company's business objectives. Work with company and community leaders to build strategic relationships that are of benefit to both.
Looking for best in class diversity strategies to augment the company's business strategies. Seeking to build community relationships to advance the company's image or to build strategic community relationships. Conduct one hour presentation to key company leaders detailing the connection between strategic relationships and the company's business objectives. Provide best in class diversity strategies to support company's goals.
Experiencing strained and contentious community or employee relations due to internal and/or external diversity issues. Act as dialogue facilitator between contending parties.