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With over 20 years of experience, Howard has a proven track record of diversity advocacy and execution.

As founder and CEO of Inman and Associates, Howard Inman's professional diversity experience spanned 20 years and included tenure as Director of Diversity and Work Environment at Merck & Co. Inc. Over the years, his distinguished accomplishments in the area of Diversity and Work Environment include:
Served as Project Leader of the initiative to make diversity a core competency for all of Merck's HR processes.
Helped create and guide the development of the Merck Employee Development Day, initiated in 2000.
For 7 years, served as Chairperson of the Political Action Committee of the New York Branch of the NAACP.
One of 850 worldwide delegates invited to attend the first Anti-apartheid conference in Johannesburg South Africa as a leader in the New York Anti-apartheid Coordinating Committee...Helping set up the processes for the election of Nelson Mandela.

Participated as the New York coordinator for the Children of War Tour, a multi-ethnic and interdenominational group that partnered with the Religious Action Taskforce and UNICEF to bring young people to America to speak about their lives as children of War.
A founding member and Co-Chair of Harlem Initiatives Together, a multi-racial, interdenominational community organization affiliated with the Industrial Areas Foundation.
Led a two year study of the federal jobs programs associated with the Jobs Training Partnership Act - JTPA. This study exposed waste and fraud and was featured on the NBC news program Dateline.
Founder and Chairperson of the Social Action Commission of the Canaan Baptist Church of Christ, an umbrella organization that provides community services.

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