Inman and Associates

It's important to conduct

an assessment to

identify key areas

for a diversity

              Assessment Survey for Corporate and Community Leaders

Corporate Diversity Leaders
Diverse Community-Based Leaders
1. Do you contribute, philanthropically, to diverse constituencies in your community? 1. Is it difficult for you to identify the correct contact person in a corporation for support?
2. Are you receiving returns on your investments from your diverse partnerships? 2. Is it always a mad scramble to gain support for your annual event?
3. Are you challenged in developing mutually supported relationships with diverse community organizations? 3. Do you have trouble building and sustaining strategic relationships with corporate partners?
4. Does it appear that every year you purchase a table to support community activities and find it hard to get opinion leaders to attend? 4. Does your organization have the savvy to build the kind of corporate relationships that will create true partnerships with the business community?
5. Is your brand, in diverse communities, what you want it to be? 5. Are you able to communicate a compelling business case that is of mutual benefit to you and your corporate partners?
6. Do you wish there was a way to target your funding to better enhance your company's image in diverse communities? 6. Are you, your clients and staff shareholders in the corporations in your community?
7. Does your current funding of community relationships support your business and diversity objectives? 7. Do you, your clients or staff attend stockholder meetings?
8. Do you have employee resource groups? 8. Are you able to demonstrate that you are an informed diverse customer organization?
9. Are you leveraging your employee resource groups to get the most out of your diverse community relationships? 9. Do you have a demonstrable accountability process built into your corporate partnerships?
10. Are you aware of the high profile awards given by diverse community groups? 10. Is it time to re-think your strategies for retaining your current corporate partners?
11. Do you have a strategy to leverage high profile awards given by diverse groups? 11. Is it time to re-examine your strategies for attracting new corporate partners?
12. Is it time to re-evaluate your community relationships based upon your current business model?  
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